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Top Agent Recruiting: If you own or manage a real estate brokerage firm, you do not need to jump through hoops to hire, train, and manage agents. We make it easy for you, and take care of recruiting top agents at costs well below your expectations and allow you to spend your time productively.

Mergers and Acquisitions: the quickest way to grow your business is to roll in other companies. We will handle making the calls to those companies and if desired our team of experts will negotiate for you.

Cost Efficiency…

Agent Recruits professionals have called and set appointments with top producing agents-ranging from the newly licensed to the 50 million a year producer.

Agent RecruitS is a distinguished real estate recruiting company offering agent recruiting services to real estate brokerage firms. Agent Recruits provides the full customer care support your company needs to grow your business. We provide a full range of superior quality, cost-effective recruiting services specializing in putting top agents in front of you. Face to face.

Agent Recruits offers you efficient recruiting processes through experience and proven success. We identify top agents for you or will work to your specifications to enable you to hire your dream agents.

Grow your Company…
We grow your business by letting you and your people focus and develop on your company’s main strengths.

We understand that most managers dislike the arduous task of cold calling, so we take care of that for you. There are numerous recruiting systems offering drip mail, business plans, value presentations, coaching tips, etc. This works provided you do one essential thing. You have to call the agent and that is where the systems break down. Someone has to make the phone call. We make the call for you; we set an appointment and put the agent in front of you. You do the hiring.

Dialing for dollars…
We recognize that business is won by perseverance. At Agent Recruits, we have perfected the art of dialing for dollars. We liberate your precious time and effort from cold calling so you can concentrate your skilled efforts in hiring top agents...

With so many recruiting companies selling fantastic websites with statistics, business plans and drip campaigns to keep the potential agent engaged with you and your company, how come you still don't have recruits?

Recruiting agents, without them really knowing you are recruiting them, will really work—so you think. Systems selling value based recruiting can take a potential agent up to 24 months to even meet with you. Drip campaigns, real estate selling tips, business plans are all wonderful tools but in the end YOU STILL HAVE TO PICK UP THE PHONE, you have to get belly to belly with them, otherwise nothing really happens.

And what do brokers hate to do most—Pick up the phone and cold call agents. How many times have you said “I get so busy running the company I just don’t have time to call…” and another day goes by with no recruiting. Let’s face it—you as a broker can spend your time more wisely than spending hours just making tons of cold calls.

This is where Agent RecruitS comes in; we are your recruiting department.

Agent RecruitS will put good agents in front of you—then you hire them. Simple

We will use your list of recruits or given your criteria, we can pull our own list of top producing agents. We will set appointments for you and then your hire your dream agents.


If you own or manage a real estate brokerage firm, you do not need to jump through hoops to hire, train, and manage agents. Agent RecruitS has the simple solution to your recruiting. Register for a session now by clicking a date below:

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